Our SaaS platform for drug discovery is supported by the certified infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS delivers services to more than one million active customers, including enterprises (financial services, healthcare, etc.), educational institutions, and government agencies in over 190 countries.

1. Will the content be secure?

AWS environments are continuously audited, with certifications from accreditation bodies across the globe. AWS services are designed to give customers flexibility over how they configure and deploy their solutions as well as control over their content, including where it is stored, how it is stored and who has access to it. AWS customers can build their own secure applications and store content securely on AWS.

We guarantee a safe working environment by encrypting all data transfers, by strictly safeguarding services (you can only share information with other team members that is uploaded to and managed in the SaaS platform) and by conducting system audits with penetration testing.

2. Where will content be stored?

AWS data centres are built in various countries (we refer to each as a "Region"). Our costumers have access to eleven Regions around the world, including two Regions in the EU: Ireland (Dublin) and Germany (Frankfurt). Customers can choose to use one Region, all Regions or any combination of Regions.

See all Regions available here

3. Who will have access to content?

Customers using AWS maintain and do not release effective control over their content within the AWS environment. They can:

- Determine where their content will be located, for example the type of storage they use on AWS and the geographic location (by Region) of that storage.
- Control the format, structure and security of their content, including whether it is masked, anonymised or encrypted. AWS offers customers options to implement strong encryption for their customer content in transit or rest, and also provide.
- Manage other access controls, such as identity, access management, permissions and security credentials.

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