Plans & pricing

Only pay for what you use. Price adapted to your real needs

In addition to offering latest generation software to speed up your drug-discovery projects, the great advantage of the Mind the Byte SaaS platform is that you pay per use or per experiment. You don't have to purchase licenses for scientific software or pay for servers installation and maintenance. Our clients can save up to 67% on investment on technology!

How does it work?

There are five pricing plans to save money, from pay as you go and starter plans for low-demand needs to high-performance requirements.

Pay as you go pricing plan is the default payment solution and there is no limit to the number of allowed users, and you only pay per experiment (not for users) with credits (25 euros/credit). Team administrator buys credits and then allocates them to the team's users.

Select your plan and start using our software now:
Job queue
#Non-HPC Experiments
(Cabrakan, Chaac and Kizin)
#HPC Experiments
(Hurakan, Ik, Ixchel, Kin and Itzamna)
Number of Ixtab
Pricing before taxes
Pay as you go
As needed
As needed
25 €/credit
Based on usage
Basic Flat Fee
(valid for one year)
1 time payment
3.000 €
Advanced Flat Fee (valid for one year)
1 time payment
8.100 €
* Unlimited jobs. Only one HPC job running at a time. Average time for HPC job is 35 hours.
If higher performance is needed, we can provide platinium (15h/HPC job) and gold (5h/HPC job) flat fees at 1750€/month and 5000€/month, respectively.