NEW! Blind-docking

Kin is a blind-docking technology integrated on Mind the Byte's SaaS platform for computational drug discovery. All potential cavities of a given protein are predicted and considered for performing a docking against a query molecule. This software calculates the prediction of interaction in non-crystallographic cavities and provides a list of cavity-molecule and sorted by binding-energies.

As well as Ixchel, Kin does not compare molecules to compute biological activities; instead of it, they are tested directly with the given protein.


  • - Predict how a protein-ligand interaction is done considering all potential cavities
  • - Perform high-value validation of your virtual profiling assays

Can be used by a single user or a group
You only pay per service or calculation, fully on-demand (no licences)



The SaaS platform is supported by the certified infrastructure of Amazon Web Services. We guarantee a safe working environment by encrypting all data transfers, by strictly safeguarding services (you can only share information with other team members that is uploaded to and managed in the SaaS platform) and by conducting system audits with penetration testing. Learn more on page Security

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