Computational Drug Discovery

Do you need to determine the biological activity of a molecule?
Are you looking for equivalent molecules?
Do you want to know how they work?

In addition to the innovative SaaS platform for computational drug discovery in which users pay only for what they use, we also offer customized computational chemistry services for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, institutions, and research groups around the world. These are designed to:

Reduce the cost of the pharmaceutical research and development processes (drug discovery)
Obtain faster
Reduce the time to market for new drugs (by 1 to 3 years)

For the past four years, we have been working in the field of cloud computing in accordance with the highest security standards and with Amazon Web Services as our technology partner. This has allowed us to offer powerful, accessible and scalable calculation software requiring a much more affordable investment (no need to pay for licences or servers, or worry about maintenance and hardware updates). Cloud computing is already being applied in many sectors, including biomedical research; every day more and more projects are only possible because of this technology.

We design customized services for tasks such as:

Virtual profiling

Computational prediction of the biological activity of compounds (including target proteins, cell lines and organisms). This allows users to understand mechanisms of action, and to evaluate the stability of the drug and the ligand-target, as well as side effects and toxicity.

Enriching virtual libraries

Computational tools and methods for finding similar and/or bioequivalent compounds.

Molecular modelling

Including different techniques such as docking (studies of interactions), molecular dynamics (studies of the behaviour of systems), and homology modelling (prediction of the structure of proteins in 3D).

Computational medicinal chemistry

Computational design and validation of new molecules.

We can also assist you throughout the computational drug development process to ensure your specific needs are met. So, if you are ready to forget about infrastructure and focus solely on research, contact the Mind the Byte team.

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