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Molecular profiling in only 5 minutes!

Cabrakan is a 2D ligand-based virtual profiling application integrated on Mind the Byte's SaaS platform for computational drug discovery. Cabrakan compares molecules through the use of 2D fingerprints and theassignment of biological activity with an internal algorithm.


  • - Predicting biological targets (proteins)
  • - Prediction of therapeutic indications
  • - First approach to mechanisms of action (MoA)
  • - Support ADME/TOX issues

Can be used by a single user or a group
You only pay per service or calculation, fully on-demand (no licences)



The SaaS platform is supported by the certified infrastructure of Amazon Web Services. We guarantee a safe working environment by encrypting all data transfers, by strictly safeguarding services (you can only share information with other team members that is uploaded to and managed in the SaaS platform) and by conducting system audits with penetration testing. Learn more on page Security

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