Plans and pricing

Only pay for what you use. Plans and prices adapted to your needs.

In addition to offering latest generation software to speed up your drug-discovery projects, the great advantage of our SaaS platform is that you pay per use. You don’t have to purchase licenses for scientific software or pay for servers installation and maintenance. Our clients can save up to 67% on investment in technology!

SaaS Platform

There are five pricing plans to match your needs; from pay as you go and starter plans for low-demand needs, to others adapted to high-performance requirements. Pay as you go pricing plan is the default payment solution in which you only pay per experiment. Each account has a team administrator, responsible for buying credits and allocating them to the rest of the team.

Academic institutions have a 75% discount on Pay as you go and Flat Fees.

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Prices displayed do not include taxes.
*Once this High Performance Computing (HPC) experiments number is reached, available computational resources will be reduced to 20% of the original potency.
Non-HPC experiments (2D): Chaac, tFinder, cScreener, ADMETer, Cabrakan and Kizin.
HPC experiments (3D and docking): Ik, Ixchel, Kin, Itzamna and Hurakan.

Consulting services

We offer a variety of flexible options to help you maximize your resources. From by-the-hour consulting with our industry-leading Computational Chemistry professionals to customizable packages for the development of intricate projects. We will work with you to determine the most productive and cost-effective way to meet your bioinformatics goals. Our team of experts will be happy to discuss your project needs and determine the solutions that work best for you.