Our scientific team can help you from the early drug design to ADME/PK prediction.
Tailor-made and client-oriented customized services focused on your needs.

In addition to the innovative SaaS platform for computational drug discovery, we also offer customized computational drug discovery services for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, institutions, and research groups around the world.

Reduce the cost of the pharmaceutical research and development processes

Rapid screening of your
databases of compounds

Reduce the time to
market for new drugs

For the past four years, we have been working in the field of cloud computing in accordance with the highest security standards and with Amazon Web Services as our technology partner. This allows us to offer powerful, accessible and scalable calculation software requiring a much more affordable investment (no need to pay for licenses or servers, or worry about maintenance and hardware updates). Cloud computing is already being applied in many sectors, including biomedical research; and every day more and more projects are only possible because of this technology.

Virtual profiling

Discovery of MoA, evaluate the ligand-target stability, and prediction of ADME properties and pharmacokinetics.

Enriching virtual libraries

Computational tools and
methods for finding and
designing new drugs.

Molecular modeling

We use docking to learn
about interactions and
homology modelling to
predict 3D protein structures.

Computational medicinal chemistry

Identify, prioritize and optimize novel chemotypes with a desired pharmacological activity profile.

These are only some examples of our computational chemistry capabilities. We can assist you throughout the computational drug development process to ensure your specific needs are met. So, if you are ready to forget about infrastructure and focus solely on research, contact our team.