SaaS Platform

Easy to use and pay-per-service

Computational design can reduce development time and costs for new drugs by up to 30%, and in 2016 it is expected to represent 20% of total global RD&I expenditure in pharmaceuticals.

Mind the Byte offers a pay-per-use SaaS platform (Software as a Service) with latest generation software that, starting from a molecule (SDF or SMILE file), allows users to predict, in only few minutes, for example which proteins interact with user's proteins of interest, its therapeutic indications, or to run virtual screenings.

With our latest releases you will also able to boost your pipeline with new molecules with a specific biological activity and work with personalized molecular libraries databases.

This platform was developed by Mind the Byte to break through the most important technological and economic barriers of computational design for companies and research centres:

  • - It is easy to use and intuitive: User teams require no training
  • - You only pay for what you actually use: You pay per service or calculation, fully on-demand, and regardless of the number of users. Learn more in Plans & Pricing
  • - You do not need to purchase licenses for scientific software, server installation or maintenance. Our clients save up to 67% on investments in technology!
  • - You can access different complementary calculation software: Scalable to the resources and needs of the user at any given time
  • - Collaborative: Each researcher has individual private access, but can also manage experiments and share results with the rest of the team whenever they want
  • - Secure and certified by Amazon Web Services
  • - Uninterrupted access from any place or device (cloud computing)
  • - Always updated without extra costs: We are constantly improving our platform and launching new tools to make your research easier and more reliable