New version of our SaaS platform released

27th June 2017

We are happy to announce that this week Mind the Byte has successfully released a new version of the SaaS platform for computational drug design. This new release consists on new versions of our softwares Kin, Ixchel and Itzamna, which include improvements of the docking algorithms, software?s visualization and scientific libraries.


All our docking software now incorporates MtBDock, a new docking protocol specifically designed to reduce the amount of false positives in docking experiments.


In order to ensure more precise binding simulations and hence an increase in accuracy, MtBDock includes several relevant novel features: stereoisomer enumeration in the case of chiral ligands, ligand conformational sampling to ensure reliable 3D molecular structures, an improved binding pocket description through the incorporation of all the prosthetic groups present in the active centre and, finally, docking poses minimization to guarantee obtaining more realistic docking complexes.


Another important feature that this version incorporates is the connectivity with visualization tools and general graphical improvements. This will make your experience more enjoyable and will allow a more detailed observation of the key residues involved in the protein-ligand complex.


We invite you to try our new softwares and discover the improved outputs! You can have a look to our SaaS at (User: Demo_user & Password: user). At Mind the Byte, we are confident that you will enjoy the new version and are committed to keep working to save you time and money to design new drugs.