Benefit from Boost4Health programme for your in silico analyses

7th November 2017

Mind the Byte helps you to improve drug development. We are a bioinformatics company specialized in computer-aided drug discovery. Our main goal is to help our clients make better, safer and more adequate drugs adjusted to the patient needs, reducing the risk of investment.    

Are you interested in using Computational Drug Discovery? Now you can benefit from the European Boost4Health programme. This European scheme supports the international growth of SMEs in the life sciences to perform product validation. Apply for a voucher and get one of the following packages!

Off-target prediction
Get a list with up to 8 computationally validated targets for your small molecule.

Binding & Molecular Stability
In silico analysis of the binding of a target with up to 5 small molecules.

Validation of MoA
Choose 5 molecules (same family) or 2 molecules (different families) and get their validated Mode of Action.

ADME Profiling
Get initial ADME prediction of up to 20 molecules (including  logP, logS, CACO2 permeability, BBB penetration and PPB).

Interested? Send an email to Abel Sopeña ( to get more information

If you want more information about the programme check the Boost4Health website or get in touch your local contact point.