Mind the Byte is a young and innovative company founded in 2011 and specialized on computational drug discovery through its innovative SaaS platform and AI. The company has offices at the Barcelona Science Park and the Copenhagen Bioscience Park and also presence in Japan.

Company profile
Investment stage: Growth
Invested: 915.000 €
Monthly burn rate: 35.000 €
Pre-money valuation: 2.000.000 €
Fundraising amount: 450.000 €

Contact for fundraising
Myriam Compte and Jordi Petit

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Mind the Byte is a bioinformatics company specialized in Computational Drug Discovery. The company offers solutions to improve and speed up the R&D process and reduce its associated costs and risks. Mind the Byte is a young creative and entrepreneurial company, which is involved in R&D itself and constantly innovating. Currently, it is developing new applications using Machine Learning and Big Data approaches, which distances itself from the classical methods used in the field. The company targets the biopharmaceutical industry, as well as research groups from the public and private sector.

Mind the Byte has an scalable business model and offers its technology via SaaS platform, which comes with ad-hoc support services. In addition, the company also offers scientific consultancy. Mind the Byte assists and helps their clients during the whole process of drug development. Moreover, it is a member of public-private consortiums that place Mind the Byte into the front line of technological development.

New funding round
Mind the Byte has recently opened a new funding round through the leading equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube. With this new round, the company aims to raise at least 450.000 euros to be invested on its business model development and expansion as well as on the development of future versions of its SasS platform.

About Crowdcube
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