Mind the Byte has started to implement changes in its organizational structure to improve resources efficiency after the acquisition of Intelligent Pharma almost a year ago.

This new stage will conclude with the simplification of its organization, closing its Danish subsidiary. The Toronto office will be maintained, as it is the one agglutinizing a greater work volume. Seemingly, a readjustment of the workforce will be undertaken, together with a remodeling of the management group, in order to have a lighter structure and aboard in better conditions their future business objectives.

Throughout 2018, Mind the Byte has also greatly optimized its software’s offer and reinforced the applications with artificial intelligence (AI). Furthermore, for the first time it has started working with a leading Japanese derma company, expanding by this its international client portfolio.

Mind the Byte has two separate business units consolidated, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for the improvement of drug discovery, based in artificial intelligence; and high-quality scientific consultancy services. It counts with a consolidated client portfolio of pharmaceutical, biotechnological companies, research centers and universities.