Mind the Byte and ZeClinics signed a strategic partnershipagreement to provide a pioneering integrated pack of in-silico and in-vivo services in preclinical drug discovery for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, compound library suppliers and research organizations. This integrated approach will allow companies and research centres to cut down preclinical costs and time, increase early predictability and reduce late-stage drug attrition, a problem accounting for over 40% of drug development spending.

Mind the Byte and ZeClinics share a core philosophy around innovation, with multi-disciplinary expert teams, highly customized R&D services and the same commitment to optimizing the drug discovery process with the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Mind the Byte is a bioinformatics company specializing in computational drug discovery using Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies, while ZeClinics focuses on toxicity, efficacy and CRISPR/Cas9 functional genomics with zebrafish.

Whether companies and research centres’ goal is hit identification, target discovery, ADME/Tox determination or drug repositioning, this partnership will provide them with an all-inclusive range of services: from in-silico studies, AI prediction of physicochemical properties, high-throughput compound screening and mechanism of action (MOA) determination, to in-vivo, multi-organ, phenotypic validation of new drug candidates as well as in vivo analyses of target-ligand interactions with CRISPR/cas9 gene-edited zebrafish.

For more information contact Mind the Byte and ZeClinics.