A team’s motivation and dedicationare the greatest assets to reach the corporate goals of any organisation, in our case, the goals of Mind the Byte. Right now is an exciting time for our company. We have grown and we continue to move forward since our mission is truly challenging: to improve global healthcare by developing innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This September we started up “MTB Pills”(#MtBPills if follow us on Twitter), regularly held sessions where we share reflections, ideas and the work of our team, from senior management, through R+D+I, software (SaaS) development, business development and quality control.

This internal communications and team buildingaction will help us to strengthen values such as:

  • Information:We want our team to know about the mission, values, strategy, objectives, projects and everything else that’s happening inside the company at all times.
  • Innovation: We work in one of the sectors that requires the most research and innovation. It is important to share knowledge and experiences (successes and failures) openly and comfortably.
  • Excellence: We promote efficiencyas well as the personal and professional growth of all who work here in Mind the Byte. We seek excellence in everything that we do.
  • Responsibility: We act with shared responsibility in order to be a cohesive team.
  • Passion: It’s in our DNA!

In the first “MTB Pills”, colleagues from the software development team explained the technical development of our version of the SaaS platformfor drug discovery, taking into consideration how it will be marketed and collecting ideas and comments from clients. In a few days, we’ll speak about leadership with Oriol Segarra, CEO of Uriach. We’re really excited. Follow us on this blog and on social networks (Twitterand LinkedIn) where we’ll tell you about it.