We are happy to announce that Mind the Byte has released the new v2 version of our SaaS platform for computational drug discovery! In this new version you will find updated AI algorithms and databases, new technologies and an improvement of the User Experience (UX).

Meet our new technologies for target profiling, virtual screening and ADME/Tox.

  • ADMETer: provides ADME/Tox profiles for your input molecules, using qualitative and quantitative QSPR (Quantitative Structure-Property Relationship) models generated with machine learning techniques. Seven in vitro and two in vivomodels will help you as a library filter and compound selection tool.
  • tFinder: Our new target profiling technology, which incorporates our novel AI-based technology SmartQSAR, trained and validated using more than 1M ligand-protein unique interactions. An effective method to find new targets for your compounds.
  • cScreener: Our new ligand-based target screening application, based also in our novel AI-based technology, SmartQSAR. The fastest way to find new compounds for your protein targets.

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In v2 we have worked to improve the UXdesigning and developing a new home layout and incorporatingthe well-known MarvinJS molecule drawer. We have added contextual documentation to easily understand the caveats of each technology. Because we want you to focus on you research.

Last but not least, our technologies databases have been updated: we have increased the number of available targets of our ligand-target binding database; we also have extended the number of pocket definitions and protein targets of our structural database and updated our commercial database, which has now around 5 million commercial compounds.

At Mind the Byte, we are confident that you will enjoy the new version and are committed to keep working to help you focus on your results and save you time and money to design new drugs, so… we have already started the development of V3.0 that will bring you a renovated SaaS platform, with new technologies and functionalities. Stay tuned to our web and social media!