ACCIO, the regional agency for the enterprise competitiveness in Catalonia, will host a big event, the Connect-UE Day, on 27th October and Mind the Byte will attend as a guest innovative SME.

ACCIO works for the better economic and financial development of Catalonia by several programmes addressed to both companies and public centres. Among all their activities, they act as the H2020 representatives in the region, so next Tuesday, during all day and with parallel sessions by theme, they will explain all issues related to the new workprograms for 2016 and 2017 regarding all areas of knowledgement.

The Connect-UE Day will take place on the Fira de Barcelona, a very big pavilion located in the centre of the city, and by the time counts with more than 300 people enrolled on the event. Mind the Byte will have a stand at the Auditorium floor so people from other companies and institutions will be able to know more about the current and future projects in which the company is or aims to be involved.

Interested people can arrange a meeting with Mind the Byte’s representative. Even so, all people is welcome to get closer to the stand to have more information. Topics to discuss around the stand can be, for example, collaborations for the granted phase I SME-Instrument, or new calls within the H2020 workprogram 2016-2017.

Innovation is part sine qua non for Mind the Byte to grow and develop more and better technology. H2020 program represents a great opportunity for SMEs to get involved in excellent projects that can improve their model of collaboration. Taking advantage of that situation is core point to keep a company competitive.

Mind the Byte’s team is very thankful to ACCIO for that invitation, for allowing to have the stand. It is a further recognition to all innovative activities that have been performed since the company was constituted and it will provide the need visibility to potential partners in H2020 projects.

To arrange a networking meeting contact by the e-mail address