On September 15th, in a ceremony held at the Barcelona Science Park, the starting shot for Mind the Byte’s new round of capital increase was given. This round that expects at least attract 100,000 euros, will be carried out using an equity crowdfunding campaign coordinated by Crowdcube.

How this money is going to be spent?

Mind the Byte was founded about four years and a half ago and it is pioneer using  cloud computing for drug discovery. It’s been four very intense years but have allowed the company to reach important goals. It could be highlighted the granting of a SME-Instrument project and the recent opening of an new subsidiary in Copenhagen.

The company also recently released his brand new pay-per-use SaaS platform that integrates different computational tools for drug disocvery. Now a qualitative leap is required. Resources will be invested to continue the development of SaaS tools, to enhance its commercialization and to the internationalization of the project. The company wants to go a step further. We are pioneers using cloud for drug discovery, but now, we want to be the reference’s company!

Why Equity Crowdfunding?

The Equity Crowdfunding has been chosen to reach more people. From the first day, Mind the Byte, has participated and participates in various collaborative projects and also has collaborations with research groups from different universities. We has always believed in a second statement of income, the social one.

Equity Crowdfunding is a collective financing tool that brings to the investors shares of the company in exchange for their participation. According with this philosophy we offer a minimum ticket of 50 euros. Participating in the round is very simple, just go to the project website, register in (or login if you already have an account) and decide how much you want to invest.

The round is managed through the Crowdcube platform, the best Equity Crowdfunding platform 2014 and the following guarantees are offered: – Investment in real economy (real interests of the society are acquired) – The Shareholders’ rights are regulated by law – No commissions Note for non-Spanish residents: in order to invest through Crowdcube Spain you shold ask for an Spanish foreign identification number. Please, contact Pepe Borrell, Crowdcube’s CEO in order to arrange it.