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    SaaS, Big Data and

    Artificial Intelligence

    for Drug Development

News & Press

Dr Thomas Högberg to head up Mind the Byte office in Scandinavia

Mind the Byte SaaS platform and big data at BIO-Europe Spring

Dr José Luis Cabero, new Mind the Byte advisor

Ferrer, IBEC and Mind the Byte join forces to study new molecules against cancer metastasis

Mind the Byte offers a pay-per-use SaaS platform (Software as a Service) with latest generation software (Cabrakan, Chaac, Kizin, Hurakan, Ik, Ixchel, Itzamna, Ixtab, Kin and Kucumatz) that, starting from a molecule (SDF or SMILE file), allows users to predict which proteins it will interact with as well as its therapeutic indications in only minutes.