In silico drug discovery made easy

We use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to
accelerate your novel Drug Development through:

SaaS Platform

Our very easy to use SaaS platform provides a versatile set of applications to facilitate target identification and elucidate the mechanisms of action (MoA).

Consultancy Services

We offer broad range of tailor-made and client oriented computational drug discovery services to assist you along the drug design and development pipeline.

From in silico Drug Design to computational prediction of ADME and pharmacokinetics.

Elucidate the Mode of Action (MoA) of specific molecules and rationalize their off-target effects.

In silico screening of libraries, hit & lead expansion and drug repurposing.


Identify and characterize binding sites using Artificial Intelligence approaches.


Version v2 of our SaaS platform released!

We are happy to announce that Mind the Byte has released the new v2 version of our SaaS platform for computational drug discovery! In this new version you will find updated AI algorithms and databases, new technologies and an improvement of the User Experience (UX)....

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